Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

 Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

This page features sample compositions by various grade level (K-12) student projects and songs from Zig's Literacy, Music & Technology workshops.  All the original projects were written, composed, recorded, and produced by students/participants based on the "think, plan, assemble, produce" lesson plans from Zig's cross-curricular workshops.  Detailed lesson plans from the workshop are featured in Zig's book, Mr. Zig's Literacy, Music and Technology Connection (Alfred Publishing), Technology Projects for Creative Students co-authored by Steve Riddle, and Mixcraft for the Classroom co-authored by Steve Riddle. 

Click on any music note to hear the appropriate sound file.

Art Focused on Poverty  (original award winning special needs student song)

1.  St. Michael vs. Poverty -

Cell Phone Ring Tone Workshop (original ring tones)

1.  Cox 2-

2.  Enrichment Class 2 -

3.  Purdy 2-

4.  Wallace 2-

5.  Watson 2-

6.  Pick up the Phone -

7. Bi-Lingual Fun -

8.  Westmoreland E.S. Class project -

9.  Westmoreland E.S. Parent/Student project -

Persuasive Writing Workshop (jingles/commercials from The Allen Parish Alternative School)

     1.  All Hours Fitness -                      

     2.  Alternative School -

     3.  Muscle Car Show -

     4.  Crawfish Buffet-

     5.  Burger Inn -

Song Composition (focus on expressive and personal writing)

    1.  Kindergarten - Classical - Class song

    2.  Kindergarten - Rock and Roll - Class song

    3.  1st Grade - Pop

    4.  1st Grade - Ballad 

    5. 3rd Grade -North Sumner E.S. - Drug Free Week  

    6. 4th Grade -North Sumner E.S. - Ghost is the Host  

    7. 5th Grade -North Sumner E.S. - I have a Horse  

    8.  Intermediate- Rap

    9. High School At-Risk Youth - HipHop/Rap

    10. High School - Gospel

Phelps Correctional Center  (reflective and expressive writing based on the concept of turning a negative into a positive)

1.  Life's Too Short - 

2.  Street Life -

3.  Living the Hard Way- 

4.  Who you are -  

5.  Dream or Reality - 

Native American Theme (informative writing based on school-wide and classroom themes)

    1.  3rd Grade - Class Project 

    2.  Intermediate- Class Project

Radio Jingle (focus on persuasive and informative writing)

    1.  Intermediate School - Class Project

    2.  Intermediate School - Class Project

    3.  Middle School - Class Project

    4.  At-Risk Youth - Public Service Announcement - (Elementary, Middle, and High School)

Orff Instrumental (focus on creating and playing original melody, harmony and rhythm patterns)

    1.  4th Grade Instrumental - mallets & hand percussion

Plays and Skits  (focus on literary writing)

    1.  Middle and High School Guys- Comedy

    2.  High School Girls- Parody

Spoken Poetry (focus on literary writing)

    1.  Intermediate -Small Group Project -

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