Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

Zig has a great connection with the students and captivates them with his knowledge and love of music!  Donna R. (music teacher)

Zig’s performance appealed to all ages from small children to adults.  His knowledge of music and his ability to play a wide variety of instruments kept the attention of our patrons and had them smiling and dancing in their seats.  Darlene Y. (Librarian)

A lot of these students don't get exposed to different musical styles and authentic musical experiences like that, so I think it's invaluable to have someone like Zig to be able to come in."Allison L. (teacher)

Zig went above and beyond what he was required to do with these students, who were not the easiest to handle. By the end of the week, not only had Zig involved the students and staff, but also parents (most of who were not easy to involve in their child’s life) and community. Cindy S. (administrator)

Zig always goes over really well with students and teachers. Zig brings in a lot of math, and the teachers really go for that, it’s all in our curriculum. An artist who is able to apply what the teachers are doing in the class room, that’s just a win-win.  Michael R. (educator)

There is just no way to sit still during a hands-on with Zig interactive program.  Merrill M., Director Tullahoma Parks & Recreation

Rarely have I seen such a dynamic teacher (Zig) who can generate student music accomplishments beyond their expectations. Especially when working with the entire gamut of education ranging from At-Risk to those who are gifted and talented. School, Band & Orchestra magazine


Zig's program is all our campers are talking about. Everyone had an opportunity to play and learn, not just about music, but also lessons about positive life values.  Tim Horton Camp



Zig had our patrons mesmerized, I can't believe how many instruments he brought. Nashville Public Library System

We wanted to come back to Zig's workshop and do even more, we wish it was longer.  21st Century Camp

Very contemporary with useful teaching activities. Festival of Learnshops.

I already had a very gracious message from a Kindergarten teacher telling me how much she appreciated me for arranging that, and you for the way you work with such younger children.  So many times, these are geared toward older kids, and she was grateful that her children got so much from the program!  Thanks again...hope to work with you again soon (and often)!  M. Rose, Cumberland Heights E.S.

The kids really enjoyed it!  I spoke with them about it in the following days and they all wanted to mention their favorite parts.  It was a really unique experience for them, so thank YOU for coming to Clarksville!
E. Moman, Glenellen E.S.

What a wonderful program...students and teachers alike were enthralled, and we are all now big fans. Our kids are "underserved" and get to see so little, people like you make a huge difference in our arts education efforts.  C. Allen, director fine arts

We really enjoyed the program!  D. Evans, Greenbrier E.S.
I want to email Zig and keep in touch, he let me play the congas today. Josh, student at Dexter M.S.
Zig had us dancing in our seats, eager to play, and wanting to dance to his beats. Ms. Morgan M.S.
Zig's program was a delight and very informative of which an assembly should be, we want him back for a return visit.  Principal Anderson, Klondike E.S.
My favorite was the rhythms Mr. Zig taught us on the cajon, I had lots of fun learning about music. Keevan, student at Glenellen E.S.

The impact of your program has been dramatic, both educationally and motivationally for our schools.  Sarah Evans, EKU Arts & Humanities Coordinator

Zig’s presentation was a real world application of our districts’ focus on 21st Century Learning for effective communication and engaged listening skills, everything we want to instill in our students, thank you Zig.   Dr. Zetty, Superintendent Peters Township Schools, PA

Thank you for your tireless enthusiasm and effort exhibited during your visit to our school.  The students respond not only to your professional knowledge and skill but also to your wonderful and real personality.  Allen Alternative School

Amazing, amazing performance and a true pro, it is easy to see why you are so busy, definitely would love to work with you in the future with the area schools. We are still buzzing about how amazing of a player you are. Vincent Nemeth - URock Music, McMurray, PA

Zig’s interactive program is the perfect example of empowerment, exposure and awareness of opportunity though music.  Principal Boyd Harris, Liberty E.S.

Our students who are interested in music had a new enthusiasm to get started playing after seeing Zig’s presentation.  Boyd/Danville M.S. 

The teachers of Yellow Creek appreciate the wonderful pleasure of seeing our students have the opportunity to experience the musical and educational talent of a gifted professional as Mr. Zig.  T. Smith, Yellow Creek E.S.

I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with how you connected with our students last Friday and tied music into all their other subjects.  My six year old daughter spent Friday evening turnings everything that she could find into a percussion instrument and repeated the rhythms that you taught us.  She also wants to go to the music store to look for drums!  You planted a seed that is wonderful to watch grow.  Thank you so much!   Dana O.,  PTO Cultural Arts Chair, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

This (Literacy, Music and Technology workshop) has superseded my fondest expectation and I attribute that to you.
You're a good man with a wonderful message. 
Warden Constance PPC 

We love having visiting programs like yours that enrich our curriculum.  Our teachers and students were all impressed with your performance.  Donna D.

I enjoyed your enthusiasm and passion for music.  I love the concept of words said with rhythmic beats.  Ann V. 

Zig’s Musical Journey is a solid program as I’ve ever seen.  Zig is an asset to any teacher with his cross-curricular integration.  He enriches the lives of everyone he encounters.  Westmoreland E.S.

Your knowledge and professionalism helped me make the project  (Literacy and Music) successful.  I was truly amazed each day at what I was learning.  I felt confident that I will be able to use these skills.  John A.

Go see him. He's inspiring!  Amy S.

Thanks Zig, your attitude and personal work ethic are exemplary!  Maury Co. BOE.

You are an amazing teacher for the kids and I just thought you should know how God blessed you with that ability to teach.  Ellen G.

Zig held the attention of our entire student body throughout his presentation.  In addition to the educational value, our school appreciates his positive message through his meaningful words of encouragement.  Dickson M.S.

Tremendous exposure to contemporary learning with technology, a wonderful opportunity for our students. Finley E.S.

The program was WONDERFUL.  The students did not want it to end.  McCreary Co. Schools.

During Zig’s performance one of our special needs students signed to us that she wanted more.  Eubank E.S.

Zig’s program is a cross-curricular educational event. Southern Middle School, KY

The best part of Zig’s Gaming with Music program is that everybody got to play real instruments, not just one, but many different instruments. We even played music from a different culture.  6th grade student

The program relates to all of our core subjects and was beneficial to our entire faculty. Zig is welcome back any time.  Ross ES, Cleveland, TN

Awesome! Lester School, Memphis, TN 

Zig’s timeline of American Music was very well presented through his authentic compositions and explanations of musical history.  Dogwood E.S., Germantown, TN

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have “Hands On with Zig” at our school.  The program was so much fun for our students.  They just loved listening to Zig Wajler play his instruments and were excited at the opportunity to play the instruments themselves.  Also, I had several teachers tell me how impressed they were with “Mr. Zig’s” amount of knowledge.  The students were very attentive to the information at hand and were able to connect not only with the material given but with Mr. Zig himself.  Gratefully, J. Taylor, St. Matthew School

Zig encourages, motivates and inspires others through his music program, he  is a great teacher. Center for Rural Development

The students here at Stewart County High School really enjoyed themselves during your presentation. Thank you so much for your time, enthusiasm and message!  Gracias, Kelly M. Stewart County High School

Mr. Zig Thank you so much for your wonderful program and enthusiasm. The kids loved being able to participate and learned a lot. Fantastic!!  Glasgow MS

This is one of the students that watched your performance at Stewart county high school today. I just wanted to thank you for coming today. I also wanted to tell you that I think the assembly was awesome and I enjoyed it very much.  Thanks again for coming, Ashley P.

I saw you today and I thought you were great!  I've listened to music with some of the instruments you played before and I had no idea that's how they made most of the sounds. Better yet: how did you get all the sounds programmed. You had so many sounds and you played them with excellent timing. I didn't know anybody could play music like that. Well, anyway, thanks for playing for us.  Keegan

Zig does what many musicians can't, by effectively relating to, educating, and holding the attention of students. Excellent program. Stoner Creek Elementary School

The best part of Zig's Gaming program is the interactivity, a highly effective contemporary educational experience.  -  SWJHS 

You relate so well to children and delight adults as well and the opportunity you give to experience music interactively. Thank you for the valuable contribution you made to our program. Johnson City Public Library

Absolutely wonderful. Nashville Public Library -  Hermitage Branch

I just wanted to thank you for the Literacy, Music, and Technology Workshop you did  with our youth.  You are fantastic with the kids!  They loved listening to their music on the CD and receiving the lyric booklet.  For most of them, that was their  first time in front of a microphone, not to mention the experience they gained in writing their own lyrics with digital music . This is a fantastic workshop and is highly recommended.  Jennifer H. Goodlettsville Branch, Nashville Public Library

I just had Zig with me today.  I really do appreciate this man and what he does.  My kids and my staff really appreciate him.  I just think he is the best. Willie A.  YSC - Lee Co. M.S.

Zig's program connected music with math, language arts, and history....a wonderful review  and great exposure for our students.  Wayne Co. Schools

Very informative and engaging...excellent program.  Salem E.S.

Thank you so much for coming to our school on Monday.  My students and I really enjoyed your program!  They have been talking about it non stop.  Watertown E.S.

Zig's 4.1 Focus on the Big Idea program for KY is nothing but Core Content.  The program related exactly to our curriculum and our students loved it.  Administration Taylor Mill E.S. 

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the wonderful program you presented.  The show was very well received by both students and staff alike.  It can sometimes be difficult to win over a large group of students with varying musical tastes, but you managed to do it within minutes!  And that was with the added challenge of students ranging in ages from 3 through 21…impressive!  The staff was equally impressed.  FL School for the Deaf and Blind

I would like to thank you again for performing at Lester today!  I have talked to many students and teachers today and they really had great things to say about the program!  The amount of history you spouted out was very impressive!  Thanks again.   Lester School

All the kids are doing well and they all reported positive experiences from the activity. Thank you for all your work it was a once in a lifetime experience for the kids. We never know what may change someone's life and the opportunity and experience of participating in this program could have done just that.  Thank you again.  ETC - LA

I just wanted to thank you for working with us on the program you did at Sweetwater JHS.  It was awesome seeing students enjoying learning.  Your instruction is the kind of learning that will stay with them long after the program is over.  I really appreciate your motivational dialogues with them also.  Seeing you as a successful professional will also be a great reinforcement to them.  Teachers tell them these things, and they often ignore them.  But when you tell them they can achieve their goals with hard work, they listen.  You have a wonderful, kind way with the students also.  Your accepting attitude with them gives them a safe environment and makes them open to learning in the process.   SVCA Arts Coordinator. 

Zig’s program was exactly what out students needed to see and hear.  Briarwood E.S.

Zig sure knows his KY Core Content for music.  He includes grade appropriate content through his interactive reinforcement lessons.   Eubank E.S.

Thanks again for coming to our school.  I learned a lot.  Thanks for your hard work, and for having a heart for these kids. Lost River Elementary

We are all still talking about the week you spent with us.  7th graders can't wait till next year!!  Sweetwater Jr. H.S.

It is always refreshing to have a professional artist who shares personal insight through extensive experiences. Many of us have been out of performance for many years and we loose touch with the "specifics and details" we need to incorporate into our teaching. This is so important to all students.  I appreciate all that you bring to our community and applaud the intensity of the workshop.  Myra D.  Clay Co. M.S.

Today I got to see yet another amazing performance by you at Madison Middle. You are such an inspiration for me! I've been thinking that I would love to get into a career that has to do with music. I'll admit I'm not much of a drummer like you, but I've been playing guitar for over 2 years and I enjoy it a lot.  Well I thought I would just tell you how much I enjoyed your performance, I hope that we will cross roads again some day.    Rebecca

I wanted to tell you how much the school enjoyed the "Zig Experience" - the kids are still talking about you, the teachers were impressed not only with your musical talents, but also with the positive message you worked seamlessly into the class.  You really impressed me with both your talent and your passion. It was great  to talk to you and amazing to watch you work the kids in the classroom. You have an uncanny knack of picking out the kids that need that extra boost of  attention and then taking a moment to make them feel special without being obvious.  Dorr E.S. PTO

You did such a great job please oh please come back next year. Every kid was talking about what a great job you did bragging about how good you were. we could not wait to get home to tell our parents about your wonderful performance!  Our parents even enjoyed hearing us talk about it!   PLEASE ZIG COME AGAIN NEXT YEAR! THANKS!

About the presentation at McCreary Central High School. I thought it was fabulous.  I think you are so talented and I felt that you covered so much that I can use in class.  I learned so much information myself.  The students really enjoyed the performance too.  I received lots of feedback.  Furthermore, I appreciate your willingness to come here to us and also that you command respect which you should do.  Thanks so much.  Amanda M.

Thank you for letting our students know that you care about who they are, and what they can become if they dedicate themselves to something positive and work very hard to achieve it.   Thanks for who you are and what you mean to me and "my kids"....we are all better because of you.  Sincerely,  Steve

How refreshing to meet someone who truly lives and shares their passion.  F. Marsh, director non-profit charities

The best part of Zig’s program was when he had a group of students playing instruments with him on stage.  It was a great example for all the students to see and hear their friends applying what they learned by trying something new, challenging, and fun.  West E.S.

We wanted to thank you so much for the experience you let us have in Mr. Riddle's music class. We can't wait until you come back, when we're in 7th grade.  You are the best music teacher. We enjoyed you VERY much being in our class.
Your music buddies, Ana, Brandon, and Morgan

WOW!  Awesome for our students! Carroll Co. Middle School

Zig's was the first program where our Principal requested all our classroom teachers to attend the performances.  Harding School PTO

I enjoyed hearing all the cool rhythms and beats. It was so cool!  I just thought I would let you know that I really appreciated you coming to my school and I hope you can come back soon!  Corinne

The wealth of knowledge that Zig shares is comparable to a musical library, he plays the appropriate and authentic parts FOR the styles of music in his concerts, which is a great lesson for our students.  Kenton Co. Schools

Zig's programs are also about emotion, feelings, and memories, his music and drumming reminded me of my father who was also a drummer Boone Co. Schools

Thank you for the message and blessing through your music program.  Parent, Madison Co. Schools

Zig’s Celebrate American Music is jammed packed with educational content.  Lincoln Co. H.S.

I just wanted to thank you so much for performing at our school yesterday!  The students and staff loved it and are still talking about it!  We really enjoyed it and would love to see you again next year!  Thank you! Zig.  Yates FRC

Zig, I witnessed and enjoyed your performance/lesson at Coopertown Middle School this week!!!  Wow!  It was great.  It was so very refreshing to see something so inspiring and educational offered to the students in our system.  You are doing very good work.  THANKS! Mary H.  Robertson Co. Board of Ed.

Absolutely outstanding, this is just what our school needed.  Coopertown M.S.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Zig's program is a 500.   Kenny, 8th grade student, Tuckers Crossroads

I was very impressed with Zig's talent and knowledge.  It is evident that he has passion for what he does and he is accustomed to working with kids.  The kid's are still talking about him and what a great time they had at the assembly.  St. Valentine PTG

 Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do are inspiring and highly contagious.   Sally R.

The most awesome program I have ever seen.  Russell Cave Faculty

Fabulous program.  Zig made such an impression with our students during his visit at our school.  I hope he realizes that he made some of our students' year.  He is a very talented, successful and humble artist.  McCreary Co. M.S.

 I have been a teacher here for 9 years and have seen lots of assembly programs.  Zig’s is the best program, he includes it all through his music  programs.  Beaumont M.S., KY

Hey, thanks,, his performance was great!!!! I heard so many kids and adults talking in the hallways as classrooms about the great performance.  I presented to the PTA that night about his performance and they were happy to hear that we had a performance like that.  Zig is so nice...and great with the kids. Sallye S. Lexington, KY

Zig’s Musical Journey was perfect timing for our lessons in Science class.  He introduced sound wavs and technology through a fun learning musical experience.  Somerset Schools

Zig is great. He relates well to the children, engages them and encourages them to reach and exceed their potential.
The workshop accomplishes many things, including but not limited to; give the kids a brief insight into the music industry and all the possibilities, strengthen their communication, grammar and writing skills, empower them with positive activities showcasing their talents, give them a creative outlet for emotion, expression, etc. 
Ann C.    Director of Development  The Youth Ranch

Zig's "Hands On" program was a wonderful experience for our rural students. This was an opportunity for many of them to tap into their musical abilities they did not know existed. This program is a great motivator for high school students, and Zig teaches many lessons not only about music - but about life.  Peggy T. Project Director

Amazing and talented, we love Zig.  Trails End, PA

Excellent program, great exposure of music and instruments from around the world.  Grier School, PA

Zig left a lasting impact on my children.  Destin, FL

I can’t believe the amount of material Zig covered in a few days.  The end result was fantastic, students working together to create their own original CD.  Zig’s suggestion to coincide their writing themes with our curriculum was the perfect match.  Ft. Walton Schools, FL

My girls came home and told me how much fun they had in Zig’s workshop I had to visit myself. Mattie Kelly Arts Camp, FL

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with us, we are glad you were part of the magic.  Barksdale PTO

Wow! I am so impressed with Zig! He is so talented, related to the kids at all levels, and covered so much core content.   Stuart C.

Thanks again, for a great workshop!  The students were so inspired by their time with you, and especially by the opportunity to see you
perform....It is so rare for them to be exposed to someone who possesses such exceptional talent, yet is willing to share with them...not just as teacher to student...but as friend to friend.  Your messages of encouragement to them about being passionate and dedicated to
"something" are ones that I preach daily...but it is so great for them to hear it coming from different lips...and from someone who so clearly
has made those kind of choices in their life.  
Steve R.

Zig was spectacular today.  The students were so engaged in the program, it was a joy to behold.   McCreary Co. H.S.

Zig’s program is an Awesome Learning Experience.  Trimble Co. Schools

I really enjoyed the show last week. I found it  fascinating the relationship between HipHop and West African music.  R. Gross

You have such a talent for what you do...reaching kids, encouraging and challenging them.  We all are so fortunate to have you  as a resource for music education.  Someone like you who thinks and teaches 'outside the box', is so rare and refreshing.  Brown Int. School

Zig is a master teacher breaking down his performance into small interactive segments, we loved his West Africa meets HipHop program.  Calloway Co. Schools

Zig's Latin music program covered the history and cultural aspects of numerous Latin song styles.  Not to mention providing an opportunity for actual hands on experience with authentic Latin percussion instruments.  Lee University School of Music

Great show, I can't believe how many audience members Zig had on stage as part of this music ensemble.  HAAC

Every comment from our staff was positive, appropriate for all grades.  Katy , TX

A ton of content crossing the curriculum, entertaining, and educational.  Decatur PTA

The best program we ever had.  Cowan School

Zig's is the FIRST that students thanked me for bringing him into our school. Haude E.S., TX

Zig is a very gifted and talented teacher.  Theiss PTO 

The children were spellbound, listening and learning, they were mesmerized.   Asst. Principal Elana J.

Absolutely wonderful.  Letcher MS/HS

Zig's music reminded me of my homeland, Puerto Rico, I was dancing in my seat.  Central Arts Center

Zig is definitely one of our favorites.  Bowling Green ,KY

I have seen three of Zig's programs and I learn something new every year we host his presentations.  Henry Co. administration

Wow, I am so impressed with Zig!  He is so talented, related to the kids at all levels.  An awesome learning experience.  Trimble Co. Schools

You have such a talent for what you do...reaching kids...encouraging and challenging
them.  We all are so fortunate to have you as a resource for music education.  Someone like you, who thinks and teaches "out of the box", is so rare and refreshing.   
Brown Int. School

This is one of my favorite all time programs, there is a tremendous amount of educational content in Zig’s presentations.

EKU Arts & Humanities Collaborative


We know you are helping make a difference in our community.  This was our third year and with your help, it has been the best session, yet!  Thanks for bringing some ‘Magic’ into the life of a child.  Big Brothers Big Sisters Jennings, LA


Thank you for the wonderful program, it was outstanding. Sally Randolph, Educator


Zig has now become a tradition, just look at the expression on the children's faces.  Trails End Camp, NY


Zig is a wonderful addition to ArtBreak, amazing energy.  SRAC Shreveport, LA


Just wanted to tell you "THANKS".  It was a great success with all the teachers and students.  We'd love to have him return.  I'd love to see his other presentations.  And we, music teachers, would like to be able to attend one of his professional training sessions.  We do not mind driving to be able to hear some as knowledgeable as Zig.  Madison E.S.  Mansfield, OH

Thank you so much for being with us once again, the experience was more incredible then ever for the kids.  Continue to be a musical inspiration and springboard for kids around the country. 
Dorlene H.  Black Fox E.S.

Dear, Zig, you were at my School today.  My School is Madison south elementary in Mansfield Ohio. I just wanted to know if you were ever coming back to our school? Because I REALLY ENJOYED IT!!!!!! It was fantastic and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are very busy but I just wanted to tell you thanks and I had so much fun. I'll let you go.  
Jessica G.  Mansfield Ohio.

As a teacher for the last 15 years I wanted to sincerely thank you for the educational and entertaining workshop with Mr. Zig Wajler.  I was very impressed by the presentation of how Mr. Wajler had all ages interacting with one another.  Not being just those sitting in the front row, and not to mention all ages and races.  The educational content can easily be implemented into any classroom (music, social studies, history, geography and math).  I would highly recommend this workshop to any educationl system for Professional Development and more.  Thank you once again for providing such an educational and contemporary workshop.
CC Clark, Fine Arts Chair

Just a note of thanks for the wonderful performance you did for our school.  I sent the three boys that helped you thank you notes, and I have heard only positive comments about your performance.  The fourth grade teacher, Todd Holt, said " That was an excellent program, very very good!"  The Kindergarten teacher you posed for pictures with, Leslee Kennedy, was very impressed with how her students enjoyed your show.  The Jr. High Principal, Nick Nichols, said," his teachers said the program was very worth while."  I am very glad that we were able to bring this musical experience to the students of Triway School, if you hadn't worked with us on pricing, our students would have missed out on that experience! 
 Triway PTO, MO

Thanks for performing for our school.  We loved all of your instruments and we learned a lot.  Many of us want to become musicians now.  Once again thanks for coming and we wish you all the best as you go on. 
Mr. Clausell and Class, Auburn, AL

Thank you for your delightful participation in the PPP Festival.  We appreciated your enthusiam and expertise!   The many children who volunteered to be part of your musical 'group' were excited and involved - a great tribute to you and your work.
 Director PPP, MO


Thank you so much!  The students at our school were so excited when we got back to school this afternoon.  They will be talking about you and learning from you for quite some time!  What a terrific way to learn core content.  THANKS AGAIN!  We had a wonderful time yesterday at the PD.  You have been a tremendous asset to us.  Lisa H. Corbin Independent School


He is a phenomenal presenter.  He literally has thousands of dollars of equipment that he makes available to students.  He did a program for me this spring right before testing and believe it will make a significant difference in our test scores.  He is extremely knowledgeable and works very well with the children.  For what my opinion counts, he would be worth every penny.   We are lucky to have someone of his caliber work with our students. Jeanne Ann L. Arts and Humanities Resource Teacher


Zig has become one of America's most original and dynamic music educators. Bill Zildjian, Sabian Ltd.


One of the most wonderful things to me is seeing the kids just light up as we talked about the program and one of my Special Ed students who rarely talks answered my question about rhythm.  Jenkins MS/HS


The most interactive and educational program we have ever had!  Charleston Heights Arts Center, Las Vegas


He connects core content in a manner that will have your kids totally engaged and energized.  They will learn effortlessly because they will be having so much fun.  I would rank his show as one of the best I have ever seen, both in terms of educational value and in terms of artistic excellence. Judy S.


Exactly what we were looking for.  Berea College, KY


A true education based program, our students and teachers loved it!  RAEN, Richmond, KY


Zig is the 'Pied Piper' of Music. McNeese University Banner Series


Zig is wonderful with children.  Of all the musicians touring the globe, Zig Wajler is one of the most talented, as well as sharing artists to be found.

R.White. Writer


Zig's composition program was a culmination of everything my students have been learning since kindergarten.

Woodmore Elementary School


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