Making a Difference through 
Music, Literacy, & Technology

I want to be just like Zig, do what he does for a living, and learn to play like him. Michael, student Jackson County H.S. 

This is really fun and truly amazing to be able to play on stage with my friends.  We need some drums like Zig has for our band.  Lincoln Co. H.S. student 

You showed me that no matter how much you didn’t like someone you can still work with them.  Zig, you showed me not to give up and taught me a life lesson.  I received me CD with the songs composed by the men in jail.  It opened my eyes and helped me a lot to walk away from a lot of things in life.  Johnny 

I had a wonderful time being able to break down traditional sounds and thank you for opening up the world of sounds to me.  The ring tone we composed is my text message tone and I like to listen to it.  I hope you bring the joy of music to children all around the world.  Devin W. 

The first day you taught us the words we use in music.  It made me realize that music can be important and teach you a lot.  I learned new words that I had never heard.  Marco G. 

We made ring tones for our cell phones.  You showed us the order of sequence, patterns, divisions of time, and also taught us about ratios.  All the things you showed us helped us make a great ring tone.  Brandon B. 

Thank you for the opportunity to explore the world of music technology, the class was very informative.  I was able to experience the more practical parts of production keeping groups motivated, communicating effectively in a realm foreign to what I’m used to.  Raymond. A. 

You basically helped me find something within myself that I thought way dying, my passion for music.  Samuel T. 

I also want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your experience; truly you were born to do what you do.  Thomas C. 

Thank you for helping other people become better at what they do.  Anthony M. 

This class was a chance of a lifetime.  You spoke to us like real men and not like little boys or inmates.  Brent D. 

Your class was focused and thoughtful by helping us do our best tapping into our creativity.  Your literacy class should be shared with everyone.  William W. 

It felt good to know that Mr. Zig shares our message with troubled youth across the country.  In fact, it brought tears to my eyes.  Joshua H. 

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to do something that isn’t normally part of an inmate’s day.  The program allows us to continue to strive for self improvement.  Ricardo R.

Thank you for bringing a positive to my life and for your patience.  Donte R. 

"I did not want to leave, your music inspired me.  I will remember everything you did."  Hunter

"I appreciate that you let the students participate.  I’ll never forget you." Kourtney

"The blue tubano drums had a great pitch.  I liked the audience participation.  It was an unforgettable performance, Zig has a great gift.  He inspired me to play more music."  Darly

"I had a great time participating in the music program and being a volunteer being able to perform in from of everybody."  Mikie 

"I really liked the Native American music.  I learned how music can go with any subject such as math, science, social studies, and language arts." Tray

"I think Zig’s is the best program we ever had.  Some of his instruments I’ve never seen before, that was cool."  Ameriah

"In my experience with you I have learned you never know what you are capable of until you try it.  It was amazing.  I have more confidence in myself than I ever had before."  Brandon

"I want to thank you for letting us do this.  It gave me some memories that I will never forget, to do what you do, go around helping kids realize they can do something with their lives."  Austin 

"I wanted to let you know that you have really inspired me by coming to our school. Seeing all those really odd instruments was very cool. I've heard your name here and there and I think it was amazing that you came to see us. I just wanted to thank you for all your doing and keep doing it. My dream is for music to live on and everyone has a taste of it. You are such a great person. I just can't thank you enough.  Just keep rocking man. I hope I can meet you in person one day.   take it easy man."  Casey J.

"You are the best drum player in the world.  You are my hero, I also play drums in band with Mrs. Scott Richmond.  My favorite part was when you combined African and rap or hip hop together.  I love your drum playing." Love With Drums,   Brook

"I would love to give you lots of thanks for making this chance of a life time come true.  You gave us a billion to one chance to do something this incredible, and that is why I show the most upright respect that I can show to you Mr. Zig.  You never gave up on us when we wanted to drop the pens and pencils and give up.  You taught us we needed to work together." Tupac G.

 "I really enjoyed the lessons you taught us when you were here. I learned how to work with others and even got to find out how good I am at creative writing.  The days of recording were my favorite. The experience has inspired me to go to college." Stephen P.

 "This experience will help me with working in groups as a team member."  Isreal R.

"Your experience helped me so much I’m going to use it by helping other people.  You are like family to me now, you helped me accomplish something in my life."  Chris S.  

"This week of 21st Century has been the best.  My teacher Mr. Zig is the best music teacher I’ve ever had.  He has taught us a lot of music, and how to make music instrumentals.  This is one of the best opportunities that the school has given us.  I love this a lot, and this is the best time I ever had."  Devante W.

"My group and I learned some new things about music and technology, and we loved it. I really liked what we accomplished this week and wish Zig could stay longer and do it again. We all worked hard to help each other out. I want everyone to hear our song and the great work we did." Chris I.

"I liked this class because Mr. Zig was patient with us and pushed us to complete our goal. If this class were here for the whole 21st Century I would stay. The style of music we did was Rap. We accomplished this by putting our hearts into it.  We worked in groups and we helped each other. Thank you for providing us with this opportunity. "  Tevin R. 

"I thank Mr. Zig for coming to Gibsland and helping us to see things in a different way through his eyes.  I experienced something new in my life that I will never forget."  D’Andre A.

"I learned how to create a song with beats, sound effects, and especially the words.  I look forward to doing it again next year."  Gerry M. 

" This has been a fun week, we started clear minded and as we got deep in the week we gained more knowledge.  Our song sends a message to inspire kids to stop the violence and stay in school.  We accomplished this by talking time and working hard."Keitric B. 

"This experience has helped me a lot with my people skills because I came from a ghetto called Cottage Grove….where there was nothing but drug dealers, nobody was nice, you were forced to fight and you would hear gunshots.  The experience has taught me you can actually be nice to people and that there are people that are different from my neighborhood.  This experience will be sure to help me in real life."  Hawk J.

"The experience was great. We wrote our own lyrics and recorded on a microphone.  I didn’t expect to have so much fun."  Jordan O.

"This experience with you will help me in life to learn about making good choices, working with groups and respecting other people’s ideas.  As the week progressed I learned more and more from you. "  Dustin K.

"I learned a lot about team work.  You taught us when we worked in groups that id you make a decision you make it together as a group, and that if we put our minds together we can accomplish anything.   I like hearing about your life and how you learned to do all this." Brandon R.

 "It was fun learning how to combine our words with music.  I learned that you never have to do it alone, you can always have help." Carl D.

"My experience with you will be a memorable one, it has shown me how to combine our words with music.  I would have to say that this is one of the best experiences that I have had in school.  It was a great way to end my senior year." Ronald W.

"This has helped me learn it’s about just trying.  We area students who made mistakes but you still gave us a chance, everything turned out good and we had a great time." Willie S.


"Thank you for coming to Blythe Bower Elementary School.  It was so cool when you used the laser.  The music was so cool!  I liked the drums and the instrument that was shaped like a "hot dog".  I appreciate you for participating in our music at Blythe Bower Elementary School." Thank you SO much!  Mikhaila

“I would recommend this class to anyone.  Zig gave me a chance that some will not give you, so I will always remember him.” 
Patrick P.

"I really like this workshop of learning more with music and technology."  James S. 

“My experience with you has been nothing but pleasurable because of your positive attitude (which makes for a positive atmosphere and incredible patience).  It was fun to work with the technology provided.  Thanks for all your time and dedication.” Hannah

“My favorite part is the CD class, it’s been so fun, thank you”.  Preston P.

"You have been such an encouragement to me.  Thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful experience."  Ginger

"I was really fascinated with the many things you showed us especially the different genres of music."  Charde

“You are a great teacher and inspiration, I enjoyed working with you.”  Danielle

“You taught me how technology and science can be integrated into music.”  Harris K.

"I really enjoyed the time that you spent with us, it was a success, you have made this week fun and exciting."  Kateria

"I would like to thank you for this awesome week.  I really learned a lot from you, you have a great personality, and are a very well educated man."  Marietta G.

"Mr. Zig showed how we could express ourselves through music."  Billydia E. 

"You did really good at my school Nolensville E.S. and I really liked all the instruments that you played, they where really cool."

"I love this activity very very much and I can't wait to fo this again."  Zychia F. 

"I like you because you made the program."  Abbie

"Thank you for allowing us to have this opportunity to be able to make this CD.  This has been a learning experience for me."  Amber B.

"I liked working with you. I hope I can come base and have some more fun. "  Brendan T. 

"This is a dream come true, I've always wanted to do something like this.  I've had the time of my life."  Courtney T.

"Thank you for making this a great project, I would love to do it again."  Michael D.

"You are the best teacher I ever had."  Zenetta

"I loved everything you did with us this past week.  You helped me learn a lot of new stuff about music and I really appreciate it."  Jasmine D.  

"I appreciate the help and liked the fact that you showed us all the different type of music."  Gerald P. 

"You put the Hip in HipHop."  Eldon

"You made my week the best of my life.  Jacoby M. 


" I really enjoyed working with you this week and I learned a lot about the job that you do.  I really respect what you do."



"We saw you today at our school, Crystal Lake E.S. We really enjoyed your music, it was a very special day for us.  Will and Kylie


"Thank you for giving me and the others the opportunity to experience music in another level I never experienced before, and for taking the day to work with us day by day."

Brandon W.

"The workshop was fun, it made me use my brain."  Corey W. 

"I love this class because we got to record our voices and get our own CDs." 

"Zig showed me that he is a remarkable teacher, thank you for giving us this opportunity." Joseph, M.


"You taught me a lot and inspired me to pursue music, you're a great man.  Spread your knowledge the best you can."  Adrian C.

“Mr. Zig’s class was fun and exciting, he showed us how to make a good song with music, sentences, and verses.”  Dominique P.

“I really enjoyed working with Zig, he was patient with us, he is an excellent guy.”  Kaneeesha K.


“ I really love this class, Zig made things easy and fun, this class will really help me fulfill my dreams.” 
Volanda M.

“It was fun hearing ourselves and I want to do it again.” Kimbria T.

“The class was great and the program is awesome.” Ricky D.


“I learned a lot about music, and worked on a song with a group, and learned that it takes a lot of practice to get it right.”   Harold C.

“Mr. Zig is a great teacher and we would appreciate it if you send him back.  This week has been hard but it was fun.”   Doneika M.



“The class was great and I wish we could still do it.” 
Jacoya B.

" Hey Zig we really really liked your program.  Thanks for making the class so fun and interesting." Katie and Heather


" It was really great to meet you.  I try to find role models and heros, so I appreciate you taking the time to spaek with me." Jeff H.


" Just thought I would write you a letter because I am now a big fan of your." JP


“I liked Patrick’s song the best because you could tell how hard his group worked to get their song to sound that good, I give them a A+.”   Tavaris


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